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Key takeaways
  • When hiring and onboarding international employees, keep in mind that cultural backgrounds can affect expectations and preferences in working and communication styles, for instance.
  • Focus on building a relationship and in creating a sense of belonging during the onboarding process and the employee’s first months at work.
  • Culture affects how we view the world. It is our autopilot and makes us perceive certain behaviors, attitudes, actions, etc. as ’normal’. This is very individual, therefore you should reflect on your own values, beliefs, etc.
  • To help mutual understanding it is good to know what is ’normal’ to the other person (team members, coworkers, etc.) through conversation about their values, beliefs, etc. This will help create a happy, safe, and productive working community.
  • Leadership styles are context dependent and should be adjusted to the employees’ expectations, once their preferences are identified.

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